'Ritualized' is the project's debut full-length release, published in March 2019 on Three Rooks Records. This album showcases a new electronic-infused doom metal style and marks the joining of J.Andrews on Bass, marking the end of Miseria Visage as a one-man venture. 

Available now from the Miseria Visage Bandcamp in high quality digital formats.

'Vanish Into Dark' is Miseria Visage's debut release from 2011, also on Three Rooks Records.

It features 4 or 6 songs decstrong amalgam of styles, featuring touches of Symphonic, Neo-Classical, Black and Thrash Metal.

The 4-track digital download version is also available from
Three Rooks Records or the band's Bandcamp.

The 6-track Pro CDR version is still available from:
Todestrieb Records (UK) .

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