Miseria Visage is a heavy gothic music unit, formed October 2012, hailing from Yorkshire, England.

Based around a 'face of misery' concept, ('Miseria', being Latin for misery while 'Visage' represents the face or self), the music has an undeniable dark aesthetic with heavy doom-inspired riffs, paired with lighter symphonic elements and melodic lead guitars.

Despite a hiatus in 2014, the project has since been resurrected with writing of new material already underway for a comeback in the winter of 2016.

Miseria Visage's debut EP 'Vanish Into Dark' was released through Three Rooks Records. and is still available in both CD (6 track) and Digital (4 track) versions from Bandcamp!

2013's follow-up EP was a self-titled, limited edition cassette released through Tridroid Records, featuring three new songs along side re-recorded versions of songs from Vanish into Dark.

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