Thursday, 14 June 2018

2018 album announcement!

We're almost there.

Guitars have been thrashed, basses have been pounded, electronic things have been smashed up until they made the right noises, vocal chords have been coaxed into tuneful dirge. We are poised to unleash doom upon you all, and it will sound bloody good.

I can now announce that our debut album will feature nine songs and is entitled 'Ritualized'. 

The thing is now, we have to actually get folks to take notice so you guys get to hear our creation.
Nobody needs to hear another indie creative sob story. What we do need you to hear though, is doom metal infused with electronics.

We're barely known so we're not asking for your money upfront, we're just going to ask for something more useful to all of us - we want to know which E-zines, review sites and metal journals you'd like to see review our upcoming album. 

Drop us a quick line via social media with your favourite metal reviewers, on our facebook page, on our twitter or here will do very nicely. Thank you all, we will have something very special for you soon.

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