Monday, 29 May 2017

Album recording report #2

Greetings once again!

This month's breakthrough has been the finalization of vocal melodies for the song 'Ashen Heart'.

This one is a heavily gothic number, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

We now have tracks down for most of this song's vocals which has allowed us to tinker with the finer points of its composition.

We've also just had to relocate our studio but this shouldn't hold us up for too long, we plan to get the vast majority of remaining recording done mid-summer, with bass, more vocals and some guitar overdubs left to do before the final mixing, followed by the mastering. We've mixed the songs a lot as we've been going along, so the final mix shouldn't be as arduous as if we were starting from totally raw audio, as always the master might be little more demanding, but nothing we can't handle. One of the joys of being independent is that we can take our time with these things.

Our next 'big song' to tackle is 'Dark Pariah', probably the doomiest and most grandiose song on the album and certainly the one with the darkest lyrics, the vocals for this are the final step in creating a monster.

We shall bring forth samples of our diabolical efforts soon! 

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