Friday, 12 September 2014

Hiatus announcement & future plans

Just looking back at how long ago my previous post on here was, I could almost do another year's round up since then, albeit with very little to report!

I'm pretty much calling it quits for this project. However, I'm not going to be removing the music from the face of the earth any time soon. I'm still very happy for people to discover and enjoy the music I made as Miseria Visage, it's just that I have no plans to record any new releases from now on.

The best places to find music from this project are now:
-Miseria Visage Last.FM page
-Tridroid Records
-Miseria Visage Bandcamp
-Theta on Soundcloud 

So what am I doing instead these days?
Currently, I'm writing and producing soundtracks for two different video games, both indie games.

I plan for at least one of the game soundtracks to be made into an album too, this could end up being just a bandcamp release, or a Three Rooks Records thing! I will reveal more when the time is right, but you can expect a whole load of Miseria Visage to find it's way into many of the tracks, along with some hopefully interesting new inspirations.

There is also a chance I could end up guesting or joining other bands on an ad hoc basis, but instead of making any promises right now, I'll announce anything like this as it emerges into a listenable form.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who have taken an interest in my music at some point whether as fans, zine writers, labels or casual listeners, you made it a fun and worthwhile experience - no regrets! I hope we can keep in touch and I look forward to sharing my new creations with you in the future.

Best wishes and goodbye for now,

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2013 round-up, a creative journey + new release news!

A happy new year to all, and many thanks for following me this far!

This might not be the only 'so another year comes to end' type blog posts you've stumbled upon in the last 48 hours, but it might just be the most unexpectedly eventful..

As I gaze out at of my window at a rainy English mid-morning, it is easy to dismiss this event as simply a passage of time, but as years go, its been packed full of creative matter in one direction or another. Although I'm now pursuing several avenues, some outside of purely music, 'Vanish into Dark', and the 'Miseria Visage' EP have probably been my primary musical focus. At times it's been a tough grind to get things finished, to squeeze every last drop of expressive goodness out of what sometimes seemed like a barren well of musical inspiration, but once the last note is recorded, mixed, mastered, you get a wave of both relief and anti-climax. Then comes the inevitable period of dissatisfaction with your own work. I've learnt that during this time it's best to put the music to one side and look to other distractions - for me, mainly computer games and how to make them. Then, a couple of months later you tentatively take a listen to your music again, and a realization may (or may not) hit you - actually this stuff isn't half bad !

Luckily, when this happened, I had the support of a good underground metal label to help release the long-awaited 'Miseria Visage' EP on cassette! You can check out this analogue format release, right here on Tridroid Record's bandcamp page, available for the modest sum of $1.00 or more ..