Friday, 23 August 2013

Guitar solos, Goblins and Folk instruments.

Luckily I havn't been swallowed up by the Earth in an attempt to cleanse my musical filth from the face of the planet, simply put: I've had tons of distractions lately, but most of them creative in one form or another.

Just yesterday I had a binge of the black metal variety, writing almost an entire song's worth of riffs for my role as guitarist in Koboloris. This got followed up by a studio session, where the rest of the song got written and then also recorded on the spot, even swapping over to acoustic guitar for the outro.

That's right - I went acoustic, enjoy the results because it really doesn't happen very often at all!

Then, earlier in the week I'd been solidly practicing and doing some rough recording for a very different project - also requiring my dubious guitar talents. Remember many months ago I mentioned a project that had hints of Djent and Melodic Metal to it? Things are starting to get more active with that now. I've written riffs for several songs in the demo stage and quite a few guitar leads, the last song I worked on had two solos! It's really fun to work with another guitarist, setting up interesting harmonies, yet we never play exactly the same lick at the same time, just to keep things interesting.  Certainly a project that pushes my technical ability almost to breaking point.

At some point  between all of this, the Miseria Visage EP will get finished..

I suppose this could mean I'm technically a guitar player in three bands now. After a realization like that, I could really do with a fresh cup of tea and a sleep.

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