Sunday, 21 July 2013

The end is nigh!

For the first time I can see that completing the EP is on the horizon..

Two songs are left that need my attention now. Firstly is the third of my brand new tracks 'Abberation' which  is in dire need of some vocals, secondly I need to finish off the guitars and drum editing on the new version of 'Vanish Into Dark'. After those parts are mixed, all that remains is mastering and then the tracks can be sent off to Tridroid Records for creation of the master tape.

Apart from all that, I've had some time to think of where I'd like to take Miseria Visage in the future. My next vital challenge will be to create a full-length release, however before I can make this a realistic proposition, I'm going to need to build up more support and spread the word about the project, so that my album can reach as many ears as possible. That's where I'm going to need your help!

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