Monday, 8 July 2013

One step closer to chaos ..

This week it has been the turn of 'Frantic Ritual' to be given it's voice. Vocal recording went ahead in some sweltering summer heat, yet nothing hampered our efforts to raise this beast of a song into a fully-fledged ode to madness.

Vocally this is the most ambitious arrangement on the record. In this song I'm using three types of vocal style to convey different voices and feels. This may come as a surprise to some - clean vocals are part of it!

You will also hear some very low down growls on this song, something more reminiscent of death metal, though not strictly a reference to that genre. I've been able to gradually practice this technique as part of my backing vocal duties in one of my more extreme metal-based bands. I think it suits the part well and hopefully brings something new to the music!

Which reminds me, there are some ambient drone and sample sections in the intro that need my attention .. this really is a diabolical cocktail of influences, a real chimera of a song. Let's hope it's turns out to be a monster of some merit.

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