Friday, 23 August 2013

Guitar solos, Goblins and Folk instruments.

Luckily I havn't been swallowed up by the Earth in an attempt to cleanse my musical filth from the face of the planet, simply put: I've had tons of distractions lately, but most of them creative in one form or another.

Just yesterday I had a binge of the black metal variety, writing almost an entire song's worth of riffs for my role as guitarist in Koboloris. This got followed up by a studio session, where the rest of the song got written and then also recorded on the spot, even swapping over to acoustic guitar for the outro.

That's right - I went acoustic, enjoy the results because it really doesn't happen very often at all!

Then, earlier in the week I'd been solidly practicing and doing some rough recording for a very different project - also requiring my dubious guitar talents. Remember many months ago I mentioned a project that had hints of Djent and Melodic Metal to it? Things are starting to get more active with that now. I've written riffs for several songs in the demo stage and quite a few guitar leads, the last song I worked on had two solos! It's really fun to work with another guitarist, setting up interesting harmonies, yet we never play exactly the same lick at the same time, just to keep things interesting.  Certainly a project that pushes my technical ability almost to breaking point.

At some point  between all of this, the Miseria Visage EP will get finished..

I suppose this could mean I'm technically a guitar player in three bands now. After a realization like that, I could really do with a fresh cup of tea and a sleep.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

A new lease of life for the song that started it all ..

The very first track that started off Miseria Visage, has been resurrected in a new evolved form, ready for the upcoming tape release! With the vocals re-recorded, new bass guitar and drum tracking and some new guitar parts, all the studio work for the new version is now complete. All that is left now is to finish mixing the final version and for the song to be mastered along with the other five tracks that make up the release. You can expect to be able to hear the new 'Offering' very soon!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

First song of the new music revealed ..

I decided to be generous and put out a full-length song for a change!

Here is the brand new re-recorded version of 'Luciferian', in full, on youtube .. enjoy!

The end is nigh!

For the first time I can see that completing the EP is on the horizon..

Two songs are left that need my attention now. Firstly is the third of my brand new tracks 'Abberation' which  is in dire need of some vocals, secondly I need to finish off the guitars and drum editing on the new version of 'Vanish Into Dark'. After those parts are mixed, all that remains is mastering and then the tracks can be sent off to Tridroid Records for creation of the master tape.

Apart from all that, I've had some time to think of where I'd like to take Miseria Visage in the future. My next vital challenge will be to create a full-length release, however before I can make this a realistic proposition, I'm going to need to build up more support and spread the word about the project, so that my album can reach as many ears as possible. That's where I'm going to need your help!

Monday, 8 July 2013

One step closer to chaos ..

This week it has been the turn of 'Frantic Ritual' to be given it's voice. Vocal recording went ahead in some sweltering summer heat, yet nothing hampered our efforts to raise this beast of a song into a fully-fledged ode to madness.

Vocally this is the most ambitious arrangement on the record. In this song I'm using three types of vocal style to convey different voices and feels. This may come as a surprise to some - clean vocals are part of it!

You will also hear some very low down growls on this song, something more reminiscent of death metal, though not strictly a reference to that genre. I've been able to gradually practice this technique as part of my backing vocal duties in one of my more extreme metal-based bands. I think it suits the part well and hopefully brings something new to the music!

Which reminds me, there are some ambient drone and sample sections in the intro that need my attention .. this really is a diabolical cocktail of influences, a real chimera of a song. Let's hope it's turns out to be a monster of some merit.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Demon Vocalizations

Vocal recording for the three new tracks on the upcoming self titled tape, is the the final piece of the jigsaw when it come to finishing off this mini-album. I will be starting with the first song 'Descent', at the beginning of next week, hopefully the vocal arrangement plan will be finished in time, I have a few days to complete it to the point where I'm 100% happy with it.

I re-recorded the vocals for the new versions of 'Luciferian', 'Offering' and 'Vanish Into Dark' some time ago, while their execution was slightly different, the arrangements remain mostly similar to the demo versions. The arrangements for the new songs however, are a little more ambitious, with different types of vocal rather than just growls, it might take me a little longer to complete, but hopefully the results should speak for themselves.