Monday, 4 November 2019

Reawakening our past, glorious remasters on the way..

Soon it will be time for us once again to move on to new creative territory, but before we do, it is our intention to bring you a series of remasters that will breathe new life into our past!

Fans of our early work such as 'Vanish into Dark' and our self titled double-side tape release will be able to feast their ears on new versions of our old songs, plus tasty bonus material, all re-mixed and in places re-recorded with the superior production values of our latest album.

Don't forget you can grab our 'Ritualized' album in it's dark majesty from the Miseria Visage Bandcamp, or check it out below -

Monday, 25 March 2019

Ritualized is here - 2019 album release!

Greetings! It is with great joy that I can now announce that our nine-song beast of a debut album is finished and will be set loose for download in high quality formats from March 31st.

Time for your ears to get acquainted with 'Ritualized'.

The whole album is now live for streaming on our soundcloud so you can get a taste a few days before the release date.
We believe that those blessed few who choose to feast their ears will not be disappointed..

Thursday, 14 June 2018

2018 album announcement!

We're almost there.

Guitars have been thrashed, basses have been pounded, electronic things have been smashed up until they made the right noises, vocal chords have been coaxed into tuneful dirge. We are poised to unleash doom upon you all, and it will sound bloody good.

I can now announce that our debut album will feature nine songs and is entitled 'Ritualized'. 

The thing is now, we have to actually get folks to take notice so you guys get to hear our creation.
Nobody needs to hear another indie creative sob story. What we do need you to hear though, is doom metal infused with electronics.

We're barely known so we're not asking for your money upfront, we're just going to ask for something more useful to all of us - we want to know which E-zines, review sites and metal journals you'd like to see review our upcoming album. 

Drop us a quick line via social media with your favourite metal reviewers, on our facebook page, on our twitter or here will do very nicely. Thank you all, we will have something very special for you soon.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Album recording report #2

Greetings once again!

This month's breakthrough has been the finalization of vocal melodies for the song 'Ashen Heart'.

This one is a heavily gothic number, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story 'The Tell-Tale Heart'.

We now have tracks down for most of this song's vocals which has allowed us to tinker with the finer points of its composition.

We've also just had to relocate our studio but this shouldn't hold us up for too long, we plan to get the vast majority of remaining recording done mid-summer, with bass, more vocals and some guitar overdubs left to do before the final mixing, followed by the mastering. We've mixed the songs a lot as we've been going along, so the final mix shouldn't be as arduous as if we were starting from totally raw audio, as always the master might be little more demanding, but nothing we can't handle. One of the joys of being independent is that we can take our time with these things.

Our next 'big song' to tackle is 'Dark Pariah', probably the doomiest and most grandiose song on the album and certainly the one with the darkest lyrics, the vocals for this are the final step in creating a monster.

We shall bring forth samples of our diabolical efforts soon! 

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Album recording report #1

Greetings! I'm happy to report that we have *almost* finished the instrument recording for the first half of our new album.

We've also got rough guitars, synths and drum programming down for almost all of the other half too, but still need to record the more polished final takes for those. Some songs are based on dormant ideas that I've had kicking around on my computer in very rough forms but a lot are also brand new, when it comes to production there are a lot of new approaches to things, and a massive boost in quality from our old material.

 Lyrically its been a fruitful time too, we've got finished lyrics for all bar two songs, and those remaining two just need a few phrasing adjustments to fit the melodies and my voice.

 I've recorded vocals for one song so far, but have had to take a break from vocal recording due to health reasons (seasonal hayfever is a nightmare for me), so for now I'm turning my efforts back to the remaining guitars, synths and drums beats.

 Hopefully once the start of spring is done I'll have stopped sneezing like crazy and got my voice back to normal, but either way there is plenty to keep us busy until then. We will bring you a teaser track from the album soon!

Monday, 10 April 2017

End of hiatus - new release on the way!

I'm very happy to announce that the hiatus has ended - Miseria Visage is back on active duty!
An entirely new concept and new material will be unveiled shortly. 

I have renewed optimism for the project and an abundance of creativity at the moment, so I'm seizing this opportunity to get as many of song ideas down while they are fresh in my mind. These pieces will end up forming the backbone of a new release, most likely through Three Rooks Music.

Right now, there are some key questions about our future presentation that we need to answer, when we figure it out, you will be the first to know!

What I can say right now though, is that the next release will have more music than ever before - it is shaping up to be an album. 
No more paltry EP offerings. The next one is big!  

You may have seen my ghostly murmurings of a Doom Metal influence finding its way into Miseria Visage's new sound. I can now confirm that this is absolutely true, but it is not the only style we have been experimenting with. Electronics will be back in a big way, this time with a more analogue feel, but at the same time we want everything to sound more atmospheric, more gothic, more metal.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Hiatus announcement & future plans

Just looking back at how long ago my previous post on here was, I could almost do another year's round up since then, albeit with very little to report!

I'm pretty much calling it quits for this project. However, I'm not going to be removing the music from the face of the earth any time soon. I'm still very happy for people to discover and enjoy the music I made as Miseria Visage, it's just that I have no plans to record any new releases from now on.

The best places to find music from this project are now:
-Miseria Visage Last.FM page
-Tridroid Records
-Miseria Visage Bandcamp
-Theta on Soundcloud 

So what am I doing instead these days?
Currently, I'm writing and producing soundtracks for two different video games, both indie games.

I plan for at least one of the game soundtracks to be made into an album too, this could end up being just a bandcamp release, or a Three Rooks Records thing! I will reveal more when the time is right, but you can expect a whole load of Miseria Visage to find it's way into many of the tracks, along with some hopefully interesting new inspirations.

There is also a chance I could end up guesting or joining other bands on an ad hoc basis, but instead of making any promises right now, I'll announce anything like this as it emerges into a listenable form.

Lastly, I'd like to thank all of you who have taken an interest in my music at some point whether as fans, zine writers, labels or casual listeners, you made it a fun and worthwhile experience - no regrets! I hope we can keep in touch and I look forward to sharing my new creations with you in the future.

Best wishes and goodbye for now,